Bronze Patina Maintenance
Last Update: 08/01/2009

The following is directed to owners of outdoor bronze sculptures.
The same procedure can be applied to all bronze pieces to keep them looking their best.


At Least Every Six Months

Maintenance Tools:

Johnson's Paste Wax, Clean Brush, Clean Cloth Rag

Maintenance Procedure:

Normal Maintenance:

1) Clean Dirt Off Sculpture With Clean Cloth

2) Dab Bristle Of Brush Into The Paste Wax And Apply Wax (with the brush) To The Sculpture,
Coating The Entire Sculpture With A Thin Layer Of Paste Wax. You Will Have To Recharge
The Bristles Of The Brush With Wax Multiple Times To Coat An Entire Large Sculpture With
The Paste Wax.

3) Using A Clean Cloth Vigorously Wipe Excess Wax Off Of The Sculpture And Restore
Its Lustrous Finish.

In Cases Of Vandalism:

1) Use Mineral Spirits And A Clean Rag To Wipe Off Graffiti. The Mineral Sprits Will Remove
The Protective Wax Coating So The Wax Needs To Be Re-Applied.

2) Apply New Coat Of Wax As Described Above.

Any Questions Can Be Directed To Paul Orzech: 

E-Mail:    Phone:(520) 981-6957

Thank you for your business

Paul Orzech

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