Bunny / Listen

Title: Bunny / Listen

Created: 2012

Media: Stainless Steel       

Size: 60" x 22" X 28"

Edition Size: 1

Price: $6,500

“Bunny / Listen” was inspired by my phone conversations with my dad who lives in Arizona. As I listened to my dad's stories of his epic battles between the area bunnies and his efforts to save my mom's flower and vegetable gardens from the local bunnies, I would envision these rabbits to be of immense stature, strength and cunning. After the bunnies heard about my dad's vendetta to protect the garden from them, they were ever more vigilant at keeping their ears tuned to the slightest sound  that may signal the approach of my dad. That vision became my reality in the form of my stainless steel creation “Bunny / Listen”. There is a companion of this work titled - "Bunny - Lounge" that you may enjoy viewing.

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