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Art Work Information

Art work can be purchased through Paul, the artist, or any of the galleries representing the artwork of Paul Orzech. Please contact Paul if you are interested in having Paul create a commissioned art piece for you.

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Unlike many sculptors, a hallmark of Paul's work is his direct personal involvement in every aspect of the bronze casting process, from the clay design, waxwork, to the finishing touches of the bronze  piece. Paul exclusively welds all of his steel and bronze fabricated sculptures. He invites and encourages the patron to participate in all aspects of the process. His sculptures are personally guaranteed for quality workmanship.

Paul's goal is exceptional art resulting in overall customer satisfaction.

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Patina - Finish

Because of Paul's direct personal involvement in every aspect of the process, he is able to customize the finish on most of his current catalog and commissioned bronze art pieces. His "Saddle", "Looking for Love", and "Aero Bunny" are examples of the purchaser requesting a personalized patina for their purchase. Pictures of the completed piece can be sent to the customer before it is shipped to insure it meets their expectation. Please Contact Paul if you have any questions.  Return to top


Sculpture Bases

Paul makes custom wood bases that are included with most tabletop-size sculptures. Some of the bases have a recessed turntable. Selected sculptures have the option for wood, steel, chrome plated steel or stone bases. If selected sculpture is a gift, contact Paul to discuss options to have it personalized. Please Contact Paul for more information.     Return to top     


Important Shipping Information

Sculptures can be shipped to any destination to which UPS or Fed Ex delivers.  Shipping includes professional packaging and insurance on all items. Buyers will be notified of the shipping cost before the art is shipped. Please contact Paul if you have any questions.

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Availability / Time of Delivery

Bronze Sculptures and fabrications are made in a very long labor-intensive process, therefore orders can take six to eight  weeks, or longer to complete.  Some sculptures are already in stock and can be sent immediately. If you are interested in a particular sculpture please contact Paul to determine its availability.    Return to top

Paying by Credit Card  

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Note: A PayPal account is not required to use PayPal
 PayPal allows use of credit cards

PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted for partial payment for new commissioned work or full payment of completed new art and art pieces that are available for shipping directly from artist inventory.
Contact Paul for more information.
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Paying by Check / Money Order

Make payable to: Paul Orzech Sculpture Studios

The purchase price of each sculpture is listed in the individual art piece web page. All Checks / Money Orders must be received and cleared before shipping can take place. Installment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. Contact Paul to place an order or to inquire about a purchase. If requested by the buyer, pictures of their finished project will be sent before shipping.    Return to top

Contacting Paul Orzech

E-Mail:   Phone: 520-268-0305 (Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.)

Feel free to call or e-mail about purchases of a sculpture, comments on this site and its contents. I will return your inquires in a timely manner -- about 2-3 business days.

Thank you for taking your time to visit my web site and viewing my work. I appreciate your interest in my work and look forward to any feedback you may have on my art and my web site.  Return to top

Thank You,


Paul Orzech

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