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Cactus Man (Large Size - 46 Inches Tall)







In Tohono Chul Park,

Tucson, AZ

Title: Cactus-Man

Created: 2004

Media: Bronze

Size: 46" x 18" x 22"

Edition Size:12

Price: $13,500

Cactus-Man, points to the bond that humans share with the Sonoran Desert. 

This sculpture shows a man morphing into a cactus, or a cactus morphing into a man, blurring the line between man and nature while reminding us of the beauty of the world around us. 

The saguaro cactus stands as a stately ambassador in the Southwest, welcoming humans to the Sonoran desert.  This unique plant’s white blooms, seen in upper right picture, were named Arizona’s state flower in appreciation of their beauty and the centrality of this cactus to the diverse peoples of the Southwest. Through this sculpture series, Cactus-Man, I hope to reflect the beauty of the Sonoran desert and for the future of human interactions with this unique ecosystem.

There are two other versions of Cactus-Man available: Mid-Sized ( 24" tall)
( 6" tall).

Also available is a maquette, a special order, of a whimsical saguaro cactus sunning it's self with solar panels, that may be of interest to someone looking for a small gift idea.
Link to Whimsical Saguaro Cactus.

The patina, or coloration, imitates green and dark tones of the saguaro cacti found in the Sonoran Desert.

To see installed Cactus-Man sculpture follow these links:
Oro Valley Commission

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