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Last Update: 12/01/2013
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Current Art Projects

Added a new animal to my bronze animal series - Penguin 



Completed a new large stainless steel work titled "Bunny / Lounge"

Its web page is now complete

Completed two large stainless steel works titled

"Wave Dancer - Spring"
"Wave Dancer - Summer Dance"

Their web page's are now complete

Completed a new large stainless steel work titled "Bunny / Listen"

Its web page is now complete

 Completed a large stainless steel work titled "Dancers and the Wave"


    Its web page is now complete

Completed two new figurative bronze works. One is a smaller version of my successful "Convergence" called "Convergence 2: Kiss".  The other is titled "Mother and Child".


Their individual web pages are now complete.

Mother and Child         Convergence 2: Kiss

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Completed and presented concept designs for artistic, steel recycling containers for a Providence, Rhode Island, public works street project. I am again working with my colleagues, associated with the Steelyard, in Providence, Rhode Island. I will post designs and pertinent photo's as this project develops. Photo's of a previous public works project in Providence, installed benches commission page. Link to Paul's Facebook installed Bench Page.

Completed design and production of several experimental versions of my popular Aero Bunny bronze art. I have always wanted to create a large version of this work but never got around to it. I have now created a larger version, 13 inches high, 22 inches long, and 12 inches wide, made of poured concrete. To add color, I stained the poured bunnies several ways to add a more visually appealing work.  I feel that this makes this work a very affordable, and durable lawn or garden accent piece. I will debut this work at the upcoming Art Fair in Fairfax, Virginia, the weekend of April 30th, 2011.  Pictures will be taken at the fair and added to my web site after I return from the fair.

Completed a private commission relief depicting a mother and child as a gift commissioned by
the husband of a new Doctor. Note: Due to time constraints no pictures were taken before shipping this commission to patron.

Completed benches that Paul designed and made with Randy Shapiro and Monica Shinn courtesy of the Steelyard and the Hope Street Merchants Association in Providence Rhode Island.
Link to installed benches commission page. Link to Paul's Facebook installed Bench Page.

A variation of my large "Cactus Man" sculpture is now installed, via a two year loan agreement, with the Tohono Chul Park Inc., in Oro Valley, AZ. Link to installed Cactus-Man in park or via Park's Facebook page.

Completed three new bronze works that express my feeling about my father's recent heart surgery and two new bronze works that are part of my animal series. Also, added new vivid color coating option for the Aero Bunny. Click on picture or title to view these web pages.

The Golden Gift           Triumph                Embrace                  Dog              Polish Rooster     

Powder Coated Aero Bunny

Submitted and received approval of the Oro Valley Public Art Review Board, for a new
commissioned project for a client in Oro Valley, Arizona.

Working on an abstract fabrication that I designed for the fun of it. The basic welding is complete
and it is in the process of me applying a texture and chasing the welds.

Creating aa Bronze 7-ft Tall Enlargement of Flight - $ NOTE $ Looking for a patron to complete this large Flight

Follow the artistic continuing journey of  "Flight"

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Completed Art Projects

Completed "Geometry and Line" a stainless steel and bronze abstract work for client's office in Oro Valley, Arizona.  This commissioned work is now installed - Link to:  "Geometry and Line"

Completed work on a six foot tall steel fabricated heart and its base. The Heart was powder coated
red with its base powder coated blue. Link to it's web page: "Large Red Heart"

Created a flowerbox option, around the base of "Large Cactus Man" making it a functional and an attention getting center piece for a garden or yard area. A photograph of it was added to the Large Cactus Man web page. Link to original "Large Cactus Man"

Completed work on several small "Flight" like art pieces - Celebration, Dive and Earth.
Link to their web page: "Fight Series #2"

Created a new whimsical series depicting various animals.  Link to: "Bronze Animal Gallery"

Designing and preparing a proposal for a Public Works Department project in Oro Valley, Arizona. Paul was selected as one of the three finalists in the competition to create, design, and fabricate a Transit Passenger Shelter as part of a "Park and Ride" transit station. Follow this link to see the "Park and Ride" rendering Paul submitted to the selection committee.

Completed a private commission. The title of this work is "Praying Hands".  It was commissioned as a gift to friends of the patron. Follow this link to see the completed "Praying Hands"

Completed work of a small version of a "Standing Jesus" he created for a future project.  Follow this link to see the completed "Standing Jesus".

Completed a private commission representing the Sanskrit character Aum (Om) for a gift to the Hidden Valley Ashram in Escondido, California. Follow this link to view the installed "Aum".

Won a commission generated by a church in Oro Valley, AZ. The life size bronze piece featured an adult male, a young boy and girl, and a book. The adult was explaining a passage from the book to the children. To tie up any loose ends, with the Town of Oro Valley's Public Art Commission, Paul discovered that there was a local "un-documented" exemption, for school's and church's, to the town's 1% of the building project cost, for Public Art provision. Paul asked the project architects to verify his findings before proceeding with the project. After consulting with their Oro Valley contacts, they verified Paul's discovery. When the architect firm notified the church, that they were exempt from this requirement, the architect firm told Paul, "The church was ecstatic about saving the money. You (Paul) are definitely a hero". After Paul's proactive action and discovery, all parties agreed that the signed contract be voided.

Installed a "Large Cactus Man" - 2008 a Public Work in Oro Valley Arizona

Installed in Oro Valley Arizona - 10-ft Tall Public Work "Celebration in Blue" - 2008

Please visit the web page - "St. George and Dragon"  a private commissioned work.

Please visit the web page - "The Acrobats".

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Current Web Site Projects

Ongoing updates and implementation of visitor and patron suggestions.

If you have any suggestions that would make your visit to this site more enjoyable, please e-mail Paul as he is always interested in making the visitor's visit enjoyable and informative.

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Completed Web Site Projects

Added A Sculpture Catalogue Page That Lists All Of Paul's Art On Web Site - Completed July 2009

Completed New Look And Feel Of Several Lead Pages Of Web Site - Completed June 2009

How To Maintain The Patina (Finish) On Bronze Sculptures - Completed August 2007

Sketches Paul Made On Trips And While Relaxing - Completed July 2007

How Paul Installs A Large Public Work Of Art - Completed July 2007

How Paul Makes A Bronze Art Piece From Concept Through Completion - Completed July 2007

Added A Web Site Index Page - Completed June 2007

Added A Testimonial Page - Completed May 2007

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