Dancer In Blue

Title: Dancer In Blue

Created: 2006

Media: Steel Powder Coated

Size:10' x 5' x 3'     

Edition Size: One

Price: SOLD

Dancer In Blue was inspired by Olympic Ribbon Dancers. This piece was built upon the experience gained creating two of his past successful fabricated works - "Fabricating Man" and "Feminine Steel".

Dancer started as a simple piece that morphed into a 10-foot tall work. After learning about the durability, beauty and flexibility of powder paint, this work was finished in flamboyant blue. In direct sun light, the full beauty of the work is seen. This piece would be great in a bright sunny atrium, or courtyard. A similar Public Works commissioned fabrication, based on Dancer in Blue, can be seen at "Celebration in Blue"

NOTE: To read Paul's thoughts about, and see him fabricating this work, Click Here

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