Flight (7 feet)
-- Work In Process-- Looking for a patron to complete this large work

Early stages of welded and wired steel frame

Advanced stages of steel frame, which includes:  steel infrastructure, supports, and wire mesh


First Stage of plaster application, which begins with a fiberglass undercoat to produce a solid base layer for the plaster covering.

Application of Plaster. The plaster will be molded and shaped by Paul to obtain the visual and tactile feeling he wants the completed work to have.  The plaster takes the place of the clay he normally uses to produce the master for the molds that will be used in the casting process. This is the method the old masters used to produce the works of art.

Advanced Stages of Plaster application, include carving and reapplying multiple coats of plaster.

Note: If you would like to see more of the bronze process Paul uses to produce his art, please follow
this link: Process To Make Bronze Art

Title: Flight (7 feet)

Created: Projected completion date: 20??
- Flight is Looking for a patron!! -

Media: Bronze 

Size: 7 feet high

Edition Size: ??

Price: $?????

Flight depicts a bird-like human figure leaving a trail of smoke, dispersing the binding impediments of negative thought, the weight
of responsibility and self-doubt. The intent of this piece is to convey
a sense of movement, and freedom. Flight will inspire the viewer to escape into a daydream among the clouds and recharge the body, mind, and spirit.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the creative process.

The original smaller size, 6 1/2 inch tall, "Flight" is available for sale. 

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