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Hands (Touch)


Re: sculpted hands


Margaret R.


Tue, October 7, 2008 7:35 pm


  Hi Paul,  

. . . . all I can say  Your sketches and ideas are beautiful.  Of all of them, I'd have to say my favorite is A, especially given your description of why you'd leave a little bit of clay in between. It's just as I imagined it would be, only more beautiful and moving. There is a palpable sense of love and energy being exchanged between the hands, and yet they are still so prayerful and graceful. You have such a gift.   

Thank you so much for considering my idea and for your enthusiasm.  . . . .

. . . Marg     

--- On Thu, 10/2/08, Paul Orzech wrote to: Margaret R.

Hey Margaret,   I was excited to hear that you thought of having me sculpt something for you.  I love the human figure and find hands to be quite an exciting subject within the realm of human body parts. Rodin's Cathedral is a beautiful piece that I knew immediately came to mind . . . .    I have sketched three different poses for the praying hands. They are quick little sketches and lack a lot of detail, but I hope they will give you an idea of some positioning.

I imagine that male hands will be a looser texture and the female hands being refined, which would create a contrast between the two sexes. The sketches don't show this contrast very well, but the finished product will. The finished product would be life-size   Let me give you a quick description of the hands: Hands A- a little interplay between the hand positions with fingers posed in various energetic movements. There is space between the hands that I would fill with loose clay. The loose clay, which is present with all the hands, I see as the stuff that God has made us out of.   Hands B- a very straight forward praying hands where they are palm to palm   Hands C- an open hand position as if the hands are praying upward. These are my immediate ideas for your sculpture.

Let me know what you think or if you would like me to go in another direction.  This sculpture is yours as much as it is mine and I don't want you to hesitate to offer up your thoughts.  

. . . . I look forward to hearing from you.  


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