Triumph, Balance and Symmetry


Paul created this piece to symbolize the daily task we have to balance the challenges of daily life, work and home life, love of others and ourselves, etc.. The figure is split in two to represent our being split into two as we try to accomplish harmony in life. The balls represent the challenges we balance to maintain harmony.

Cardboard, instead of clay, was the base material. When the shell material that coated the cardboard was fired, the cardboard was incinerated, resulting in a cavity that was filled with molten bronze. The patina Paul applied to this work is a unique multi layered mixture that resulted in a thick textured and multicolored look. The steel base was finished in a rust looking finish.

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Title: Triumph, Balance and Symmetry

Created: 2007

Media: Bronze Sculpture On A Steel Base

Size: 72" x 36" x 18"

Edition Size: One

Price: Sold - $5,500

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