Northern Arizona University Centennial Commission
Knowledge Will Give Thee Form




Title: Knowledge Will Give
Thee Form

Created: 1999

Media: Ferro-Concrete

Size: 9' x 5' x 5'

Edition Size: One

 Price: Public Commission

In 1998, Paul Orzech was among six Northern Arizona University students to be commissioned, by the Northern Arizona University Centennial Sculpture Commission, to build an outdoor sculpture to be placed permanently on the NAU Campus to celebrate the University's Centennial.

Paul built this nine foot tall, five by five foot ferro-concrete sculpture.  It is titled Knowledge Will Give Thee Form. The sculpture shows a figure emerging from the muck and mud while reading a book. The idea is that the more a person learns the more defined in shape and form he / she will become. Knowledge was designed to compliment an earlier student art piece in front of the University's Cline Library. That sculpture depicts a figure in a "Thinker" type pose sitting on top of a large pile of books.

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