The Monastic

Title: Monastic

Created: 2002

Media: Bronze

Size: 7.5" x 2" x 3"

Edition Size: 12

Price: $280

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This piece is hard to describe objectively as it is so deeply personal and abstract in nature that it lends itself to personal interpretation by each viewer.  Please, see this sculpture with your own eyes -- I can only describe what I felt and thought while creating this sculpture.

It is titled "The Monastic", because the loose clay body of the figure resembles the cloak of a monk.  The right hand of the figure reaches into the stomach area while the left hand reaches deep into the figure's face. I felt a sense of loss and pain when I sculpted this piece; not necessarily my own pain, but more a feeling for the pain of others. It was as if the sculpture was the embodiment of grief.

I now see this work as a representation of the inner struggle of dealing with pain in all its forms, whether it is physical pain or the emotional loss of a loved one.  This sculpture holds a unique place in my heart.

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