Geometry And Line

Stainless Steel Abstract With Bronze Ribbon

 "Geometry and Line" is composed of four geometric shapes and one long flat strip that twists and curves its way around the geometric shapes. The geometric shapes are composed of two rectangles, one cylinder, and one triangle. These shapes have the appearance of being precariously balanced one on top of the other while the thin line playfully works its way around the geometric shapes. The top shape, a rectangle, has the appearance of falling over while the thin curved line playfully pushes it upright. The two elements, geometric shapes and the curved line, are in a playful dance with one another that celebrates the harmony and independence of the multifaceted aspects of our inner psyches.

Some people have suggested that the bronze ribbon and the unaligned geometric structures reminds them of the Orthodontic services performed at this business. The shapes representing misaligned teeth and the ribbon the braces used to align the teeth.

Created: 2010    Size: 60" X 30" X 30"
Price: Public Commission   Edition Size: One of a Kind

Views of Completed Abstract  Installed 

 Views of Completed Abstract Waiting To Be Installed 

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