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Title: SPF-60

Created: 2005

Size: 9 3/4" X 3 1/2" X 5"

Media: Bronze

Price: Contact Artist

The price of this offering will vary on the size, quantity and other factors

"SPF-60" is a fun bronze  sculpture representing the sun loving nature of the Saguaro Cactus. It is holding a tanning screen to emphasis this.  The sun reflector screen is to emulate what many humans do to make the most of the suns rays available to them where they are living. The Saguaro Cactus live in a small climate zone known as the Sonoran Desert in Northern Mexico and Southern Arizona.

This is a special original offering that would be a great gift shop offering for any Southern Arizona Spa, Hotel, or Bed and Breakfast. This bronze sculpture reflects one of the many reasons people select this part of the world to visit. This could also be a great gift for an individual to purchase as a Christmas gift to send to their friends back in the cold areas of the country.

Because this work is a unique hand crafted offering, and not a casting, each piece is slightly different and could be modified slightly to fit a special request or need of the buyer. As pictured, "SPF-60" is mounted on a small base with a felt pad on its bottom. A larger stone, metal or wood base would be available as agreed upon by purchaser and Paul.

Note: If one wanted to order multiple pieces of the same "SPF-60", Paul would make a mold and use his normal process for cast bronze works. By making a mold, the lead time to produce multiple pieces would be reduced as would the cost to the purchaser. To learn more about the bronze casting process, follow this link to the Bronze Process Paul uses.

"SPF-60" is a bronze sculpture formed by welding and forming pieces of bronze
Its realistic representative greenish finish, is a patina, that Paul applies to the formed sculpture.

Note: If you would like a larger cast bronze of SPF-60 for your garden area or yard, please contact Paul for particulars.

In addition to this work, Paul has a series of larger Saguaro sculptures with the theme of the inter-relationship between their unique ecosystem and humans. Link to Cactus-Man Series.

Unlike many sculptors, a hallmark of Paul's work is his direct personal involvement in every aspect of the art creation process, to the finishing touches and patina on his art work. Paul invites and encourages the patron to participate in all aspects of the process. His sculptures are personally guaranteed for quality workmanship. Paul's goal is exceptional art resulting in overall customer satisfaction.                      Return to top

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