This humorous piece was constructed out of cardboard boxes that were cast into bronze, creating a unique texture and look.

Cardboard, instead of clay, was the base material for the Strong-Man. When the shell material that coated the cardboard was fired, the cardboard was incinerated, resulting in a cavity that was filled with molten bronze.

Based upon old photos of weight lifters from the turn of 19th century Strong-Man easily lifts his weight of empty bronze boxes over his head.

This work has been sold.  If you would like a similar work that you would like to have created for you please contact the artist to discuss the possibilities.

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Title: Strong-Man

Created: 2004

Media: Bronze And Steel

Size: Figure 72" x 14" x 22
        Barbell: 47" x 10" x 11"

Edition Size: - One

Price: Sold - $6,900


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