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Owner Feed Back - Strong Man

From: Michele D.
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 5:44 PM
To: ''

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He’s quite the topic of conversation amongst our friends and family who have seen him; opinions seem to be divided between “How cool to actually own a real piece of art” and “How decadent to install a one-of-a-kind artwork in your backyard”.  I’m so impressed with your craftsmanship; he looks as good today as when you installed him.  High winds and rain this winter destroyed our gazebo, but the Strong Man took it all in stride and never even flinched.  He still looks great in the yard and we are in the process of landscaping a little area to high-light him further.

We are big fans of your style and individuality, Paul.  It takes a confident artist to create works that do not fit the “standard” version of beautiful, and your work certainly shows that those artists still exist in our overly commercialized world. 

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