Struggling With Time

Title: Struggling With Time

Created: 2002     

Media: Bronze

Size: 10" x 8" x 18"    

Edition Size: 7

Price: $2,350

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I created this piece at a time when I was beginning my career as a
young professional artist after having graduated from college. I found that
making Time for creating art (and life in general) was becoming a grind.
There were never enough hours in the day, and the free time I did have
was squandered in meaningless activities.  Time was a tyrant in my life. 
I feel this a common sentiment among many people today.

In this sculpture I was able to fight back against this tyrant--even thought the watches have this figure on the ground, he still defiantly struggles to break free.

"Struggling with Time" shows the preoccupation of American society with the
measurement of == more thoughts by artist

The patina, or coloration, is a French brown for the figure and a dark liver sulfur for the straps of the watch bands to create a smooth look of leather.

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