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  From: Mehul -
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Date sent: 2010-11-13 
Time sent: 00:06:29  
Subject : celebration   
"Celebration : : Brilliant work > Its created straight from 
your heart!
Tremendous depiction of force & very well sculpted
I am a gallery owner in Bombay (India)


Sign of the Horse

Hello Paul,

I'm the new -and very proud, owner of your sculpture. I just love it!
The instant I saw it at the Charlestown Gallery, my first thought was "I hope it's not already sold"

You really captured the best spirit of that animal. -beautifully!

I so enjoy that it's the first thing that greets me when arrive at my home and and your sculpture
is the last thing I see when head out into the world each day. I get such a lift from it at least twice a day!

Thank you, Paul. I hope to meet you some day and wish you the best at "The Gallery" - I'm so glad that
Renee' and Gilly saw in your work the same things I do; inspiration, imagination and remarkable execution!

Peter K

From: Toni D
Subject: Re: The Golden Gift

Hi Paul. That is so nice that you are checking!!!  Yes, it was an award for one of our employees, Liz, who is our
Executive Producer.  She Absolutely loved it and has it proudly displayed in her office!!

Thank you so much again.  It was the perfect award/gift!!

All the best, Toni D.

    From: Pompeyo C.

  Hello Paul. You might not remember me. I bought an art piece (flight) from you,
  in the show Affair in the Gardens (Beverly Hills).... I was browsing today in
  your page and saw the piece "Looking for love" which I just loved....and would
  like to buy it...

  i have been enjoying FLIGHT so much its been in my coffee table ever since and
  everybody loves it .... 

  POMPEYO C. ! ! ! !

    From: Jeffery

  Oh my God, Paul, it is truly amazing!

  I am pleased to hear that you are really happy with it too. I know, as an what
  the client wants, so I was hoping that I did not take away any of your artistic
  license or enthusiasm. Thank you so much for making this project so much fun
  for me. I can't Tell you how much I enjoyed working with you, and how much I
  appreciate Your God given talent.

   From: Michele D.

    He’s quite the topic of conversation amongst our friends and family who have seen him; opinions seem to be divided
    between “How cool to actually own a real piece of art” and “How decadent to install a one-of-a-kind artwork in your backyard”.
    so impressed with your craftsmanship; he looks as good today as when you installed him.  High winds and rain this winter
    destroyed our gazebo, but the Strong Man took it all in stride and never even flinched.  He still looks great in the yard and we
    are in the process of landscaping a little area to high-light him further.  

    We are big fans of your style and individuality, Paul.  It takes a confident artist to create works that do not fit the “standard” version
    of beautiful, and your work certainly shows that those artists still exist in our overly commercialized world. 

    From: Arleeta

  Hi Paul,

  I love the Convergence piece. It's very beautiful. My thought was: If someone were to
  ask me to describe to them what true love really is between a man and a women, I could
  show them this piece, and they would know.

   From: Angi

  Hi Paul,
  I was just looking at your website. Very nice!!
  Your work is incredible.  :)
  Angi                                     Return to top

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