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Last Updated: 07/25/12

Cast Cardboard Sculpture Gallery

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Sign of the Horse

Triumph, Balance And Symmetry (Sold)

Feline (sold)

Jackrabbit (sold)

Strong Man (sold)


Process To Make Bronze Art From Cardboard

After designing new sculpture, strips or sheets of cardboard are cut and stapled or glued into the form being created. I used  strips of cardboard, instead of flat sheets, to form a sitting "Feline", "Triumph, Balance And Symmetry", and "Sign of the Horse". Flat sheets were used for "Jackrabbit and "Strong Man".

When the shell material that coated the cardboard was fired, the cardboard was incinerated, resulting in a cavity that was filled with molten bronze. If interested in the bronze casting process check out the following link: Bronze casting process. Page three of the linked process pages shows the shell material being applied to wax, the normal base material, instead of the cardboard discussed here.