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Comments on Purchased Sculpture - St. George and the Dragon

Bronze Sculpture of Mans relationship with evil
St. George and The Dragon
Paul working on St. George
Clay of St. George

October 14, 2007

Hi Paul,

I just had to tell you that while I’m sitting at my desk, I keep flipping back to the pictures you sent. I feel so great about the way it’s turning out. I think your changes have really captured what I was after. When I asked you a week or two ago about the arm being parallel to the lance, I think that it was the posture of George that was reading to me as the spear/arm thing. Now, you have NAILED it!  You have really created the tension and action that I had hoped for. I had also wanted the erotic nature of the human body…and you’ve got it…with a texture that is warm and artsy.  A nice balance between impressionistic and classical.  I really love it. 

 The only problem now is that because I can’t keep my mind off those pictures, I can’t get any work done.  It’s a problem I can deal with!  

 Take care, and thanks again for sharing your incredible talent!



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