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My Latest Creations

Wave Dancer - Wind Spirit
Work in process - Patina application at foundry

         Wave Dancer 5: Wind Spirits

Bronze and Stainless Sculpture.

Part of my Wave Dancer Series

47 X 17 X 14 inches

Coyote Clay Sculpting
Paul working on Bird Watcher clay
Bronze Sculpture of Coyote and a Road Runner
54 inch Bird Watcher
Bronze Sculpture of Coyote and a Road Runner
Bird Watcher installed
Bronze Sculpture of Coyote and a Road Runner
11 inch Bird Watcher

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Customer Feedback

Figurative Steel Fabrication
Classical Bronze Sculpture, Figurative
Bronze Sculpture of a Caring Heart
Cardboard Bronze and Steel Sculpture

Dear Paul,

It’s good to hear from you again. I’d like to assure you that the Strong Man has been keeping us very good company and we are still thrilled to have him. He’s quite the topic of conversation amongst our friends and family who have seen him.  I’m so impressed with your craftsmanship >>>

Hi Paul,

I just had to tell you that while I’m sitting at my desk, I keep flipping back to the pictures you sent.
I feel so great about the way it’s turning out. I think your changes have really captured what I was after. When I asked you a week or two ago >>>



Subject: Re: The Golden Gift

Hi Paul,
That is so nice that you are checking in! The sculpture was an award for one of our employees, who is our Executive Producer. She absolutely loved it and has it proudly displayed in her office!!
Thank you so much again. It was the perfect award/gift!!


Subject: Sign of the Horse

Hello Paul,

I’m the new -and very proud, owner of your sculpture. I just love it!
You really captured the best spirit of that animal  beautifully!
I so enjoy that it’s the first thing that greets me when arrive at my home  >>>

 Sculptures in this gallery are unique, one of a kind, public and private commissioned works that are sold. These art works showcase Paul’s ability to work in various media, meeting the needs of his patrons.

Secure Payments

I use PayPal for a safe and secure method for payment of my bronze and steel sculptures.
If you prefer using another payment method I am open to discussing it with you.

Best Value

All sculpture commission pricing is based on complexity of the art work and current raw material cost.
Individual art prices are based on current market value.


I personally do all of the work and finishing of my sculptures. Each of my sculptures is created and finished as if it was being sent to a close friend.


Shipping costs are shown on the shopping cart screen along with the sculpture price. In special case, such as large-size work or tight time constraints, shipping charges will be agreed upon with the patron before the order is finalized.

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