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Comments on Purchased Sculpture - Sign of the Horse

Cast Bronze Cardboard

July 18, 2012
Subject: Sign of the Horse

Hello Paul,

I’m the new -and very proud, owner of your sculpture. I just love it!

The instant I saw it at the Charlestown Gallery, my first thought was “I hope it’s not already sold”.

You really captured the best spirit of that animal beautifully!

I so enjoy that it’s the first thing that greets me when arrive at my home and your sculpture is the last thing I see when head out into the world each day. I get such a lift from it at least twice a day!

Thank you, Paul. I hope to meet you some day and wish you the best at “The Gallery” – I’m so glad that Renee’ and Gilly saw in your work the same things I do; inspiration, imagination, and remarkable execution!


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