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Feminine Construction


“Feminine Construction” delves into the concepts of Feminine Power and identity.

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This work was the result of thinking about women, who survived breast cancer, abusive situations, or suffered tragic life changing situations, and yet were able to recreate themselves through their own positive life changing powers.

Paul depicts a woman re-attaching her right breast, held in her left hand. She wears a welding helmet over her face while grasping a stick welding handset in her right hand. The stick welder’s power cord doubles as an umbilical cord as it drapes around her right thigh. By welding herself together, she is creating her own identity. 

A unique, singular work of art, representing the personalities women must present to be successful in the business world and the interaction with their personal life can be viewed at the following work Fractured GoddessIts basic theme was taken from “Feminine Construction”

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 11.0 × 29.0 in

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